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The Best Free Online Checkers Game

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a great game of checkers for free. Our site offers you an ad-free gaming experience and you will not have to register or login in order to play. There’s nothing to download or install. It’s just an easy way to play a fun game of checkers. This totally free online checkers game can be played against the computer or used as a travel board so you can play anywhere with a friend. It is a web-based game that runs in your browser on just about any operating system or any type of electronic device. Use it on your desktop or laptop as well as any electronic device that has a web browser.

How to Play Checkers

Checkers is played on the same type of 64 square board as is chess but only the black squares are used when playing checkers. There are 12 white and 12 black pieces called men that start the game on the black in the first three rows of each side of the board. White always moves first, and all moves are made diagonally. The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s men. A capture is made when a piece is diagonally adjacent to another piece with an empty space behind the opponent’s man. You jump the opponent’s piece, placing yours in the empty square behind your opponent and removing their man from play. Men can only move diagonally forward, and multiple jumps can be made in one move. When a man reaches the opposite side of the board they become king and can now move backward as well as forward. Kings can also only be captured by another king, and are safe from capture by an ordinary man. Play continues until one player has captured all of the opponent’s checkers.

Why Play Free Online Checkers?

Playing our free online checkers game can be a great way for you to relax a little and test your wits against the computer opponent. It’s also an excellent way for two friends to spend some time in a little friendly competition that does not involve the sometimes lengthy investment in time that a game of chess demands. So enjoy a game of checkers today either against the computer or with a friend. You will be pleased with the lack of annoying popups and ads that are a distraction while trying to concentrate on your game.