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Best Way to Play Chess Online for Free

When you are looking to unwind and play a game there are many options available to you. You might just want to spend some time on mindlessly blowing up alien invaders or perhaps play a few relaxing games of solitaire. You might want a more substantial mental challenge. There are few games that can rival chess when you are looking for serious intellectual engagement. There are a lot of ways to play chess these days. There’s always the physical board and pieces, although that method demands an opponent or at least a very vivid imagination to complete a game. You can certainly find a site online where you can play.

Free Online Chess with No Popups

Many chess sites require you to register and become a member. Others make it hard to enjoy your game by subjecting you to a seemingly endless stream of popup ads and banners for products that do not interest you. Our site doesn’t make you deal with any of that stuff. We just offer you an easy way to play chess for free on any of your electronic devices. Since our chess game is web-based, you run it in your browser and don’t need any additional software. Play on your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone through your favorite web browser.

How to Play Chess

The rules of chess are complex and many books have been written about various aspects of the game. For this reason, we will not attempt to describe how you play an actual game of chess. You should consult other sources for a complete explanation of the rules, strategy, and tactics that are required in order to play winning chess. Using the free online chess game offered at our site you can play against the computer to hone your skills. This is a great option when you want some mental stimulation while having lunch or commuting home from work.
A second great use of this free chess game is that it serves as an electronic travel set that allows you to play with a human opponent by using your electronic device as the board. Both players move their pieces just as in an actual game, without the need for anyone to carry a physical chess set around with them.

Play Chess Online for Free

Granted, chess is not for everyone and some people prefer a less mentally challenging game when looking for some idle entertainment. That being said, if you are a chess player you should check out this free chess game today. It’s a free and flexible way to enjoy the game that you love.