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Spider Solitaire

The Best Free Spider Solitaire Game For You

People love to play solitaire as a way to pass the time or to just relax their mind for a little while. The simplicity of the game combined with the many different starting layouts and the familiarity of standard playing cards make it a game that can be played over and over again without becoming boring or stale. Unfortunately, you can’t just whip out a deck of cards and play a few hands of solitaire in many situations. It’s just not cool to have cards spread out all over the bus or a lunch counter. What’s a dedicated solitaire player to do?

Free Online Spider Solitaire

We have an answer for you. Play our totally free Spider Solitaire game whenever you want on any electronic device that happens to be handy at the time. This web-based game runs in just about any browser that you can run on your laptop, desktop or mobile device. You may have been disappointed by trying other supposedly free sites that end up wanting you to register for their service or hit you with an endless stream of popups and ads. They are hoping to get you to accidentally click on something you have no interest in pursuing. None of those tricks will bother you here. No ads, no popups, no registration. Just a free Spider Solitaire game for you to enjoy in your spare time, without the hassle of finding a place to deal out real cards.

Rules of Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a variation of traditional solitaire that is played with two complete decks of playing cards for a total of 104 cards. The two decks combine to produce 8 full sets of 13 suited cards, from the Ace to the King. The goal of the game is to assemble the 13 cards of a suit and then remove them from play. You win the game by removing all 8 sets of suited cards from the game. To start, 10 piles of 5 cards are dealt in rows with the first four face down and the top card face up. You may move the top card of a pile with all of the face-up cards below it that are of the same suit and follow it in ascending sequence. When all face-up cards on a pile are removed, the next face down card is turned over. Cards are moved in an attempt to build up sequences and to eventually remove complete suited sets from the game. Movable units of cards can go to empty spaces or on a card of the next higher rank, regardless of suit. Kings can only be moved to spaces, not on top of any cards since they are the highest rank. When no more moves are available or desired the player deals another 10 cards face up,and fills all empty spaces. This continues until there are four cards left which are dealt to the first 4 piles. If no moves are available and all 8 suits have not been removed, you have lost the game.

Try Spider Solitaire Today

If you’ve never played Spider Solitaire before, this is a great chance to try it for free. Players who already like the game will enjoy the ad-free environment in which to pursue their pastime. Either way, go play a few hands today!