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Starship Defender

Best Arcade Starship Defender Game for Free

Games come in many shapes and sizes and are often designed to test or appeal to different parts of our intellect. There are games that specifically test your ability to solve problems, like crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Many games are meant to be enjoyed as a solo solitaire experience. Other, like chess, offer two opponents a chance to engage in a bloodless intellectual battle that can leave one feeling shattered upon losing. There are some games that can be very useful in relieving the stress associated with a boring job or an endless staff meeting where the participants try their best to put you to sleep. After a few hours of performing mundane tasks in order to earn enough to pay your rent, there is often no better entertainment than protecting your outpost from the alien hordes attacking by starship!

Where Can I Play Arcade Style Games Online?

If you feel compelled to take out your aggression after another forced team-building experience, we have just the solution for you. Resist the temptation to actually remove that stubborn member of the team and play our alien shoot-em-up game online for free. Using the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot, take out as many of those pesky starships as you can. Sure, you can download similar games and have them resident on your computer or mobile device. But that takes up space better used for other apps. If you had to download every game you wanted to play your device would have no room for music or other important data. You might find a similar game on your social media or gaming site, but that entails logging in and providing credentials. That can be a hassle and, if you are on a public machine, may not be a wise thing to do. We have a better way to play.

A Free Online Arcade Game With No Popups

Our free, online arcade game will let you destroy the aliens from any operating system that lets you run a web browser. Play it on all types of electronic devices, from mobile phones to desktop machines. No need to download any software or login to an account, just fire it up and start playing. You won’t have to put up with those intrusive popup ads and banners that many sites throw at you while you are trying to play. We just give you a free and easy way to use your web browser to defend us from the alien invasion. Good luck commander!