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The Best Online Tetris Game for Free

Tetris is one of those addicting computer games that have been around since the early days of electronic gaming. It was developed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov with the first playable version available in 1984. It is a tile-matching puzzle game that can theoretically be played for an infinite amount of time. Tetris was the first entertainment software that was imported by the US from the Soviet Union. The game has seen implementations on many different operating systems and devices over the years and has withstood the video game test of time. It is still popular today with the simple controls making it easy to get hooked trying to improve your score.

The Best Way to Play Tetris?

As we mentioned, there are many version of Tetris available and there is a good chance that you can download an app for your particular system. Perhaps this is not the most convenient way to play the game. Why take up valuable storage space on your device for a game when there is a better way? Playing the game online saves you the trouble and resources associated with downloading an app and running it on your machine. You can play Tetris at some social media site, but maybe you don’t want to have to log in with your credentials. We have an answer to that dilemma as well.

Play Tetris for Free in Your Browser

Our Tetris game can be played in your web browser on any device from your laptop to your tablet and everything in between. Playing requires no additional software and can be run in just about any browser you can name. It is a great way to play this simple, yet addicting, puzzle solving solitaire game. Perhaps the best part of our site is the lack of annoying ads and popups that often turn an online experience into a nightmare. We just give you the game, plain and simple. So take a break from your busy day administering someone’s system and go for new personal best on Tetris. It’s fun and free!